Current: Candidates are currently unable to apply via Linkedin

Posted: 25/09/2019


We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with candidates trying to apply for vacancies with their LinkedIn profile.

The issue is causing an error message which is shown after the candidate has clicked on the LinkedIn icon. Therefore, the possibility to apply via LinkedIn has been deactivated.


The background for the case is that LinkedIn has changed their policy on partnerships during summer. Previously “Apply With LinkedIn” API was open for everyone. On the 1.7.2019 LinkedIn closed the API and companies needs to apply for partnership.

We have received confirmation that they have received our partnership request, and are waiting in cue for their approval. We still do not have any timeline for when the partnership agreement can be signed, but we are reaching out to LinkedIn from several different channels to learn more. We are also in contact with TextKernel regarding this issue.

We will provide update as soon as we know more.


In the meantime, you can advise your candidates to apply by filling the application manually or use the function" Upload and parse information from a document on your device or in the cloud"- if your company has this functionality enabled

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


EasyCruit Support team